“OK Glass” Now What?

I recently joined the Google Glass Explorer Program. So far, I can look futuristic in them. That’s about it.

Ha! Actually, I am trying to discover all of the benefits of using Google Glass. Right now, the things one can do are pretty mundane. Take a picture, take a video, Google something. But, there are are some other utilities that I am researching. I’ve side loaded a couple of apps. One shows you gas prices near you. One shows real estate prices when you look at a particular house. Nice parlor tricks, but how will Glass increase productivity in my day?

I am starting to build my own Glassware that scans the conference room and tells me what meeting is supposed to be there. This would help immensely as I never know what room we are in. I’m still working on that.

I’ve connected with a few innovators in the healthcare space to identify what they are doing with Glass. One company, Pristine, is backwards engineering Glass so that it does not connect to social media and makes the device HIPAA compliant in a closed loop setting. Another company, Augmedix, is developing EHR integration. And UCLA is looking into delivering instant diagnostic test results.

Pretty exciting stuff in enhancing patient care. Google Glass is just the beginning of the next frontier. As Explorers, we are discovering its utility together. I will keep you posted on these new discoveries!

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Published on: May 8, 2014

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