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  • Wearable Tech for ALS Patients

    Sure, I have had some parlor trick fun with Necomimi Brainwave Sensing Cat Ears, but brainwave tech is the next forefront of digital health. Case in point is Phillips and Accenture’s co-development of a brainwave sensing headgear that will enable ALS patients to have a more autonomous quality of life. This is so inspiring!

    August 9, 2014 • Digital Health, Wearable Tech • Views: 5163

  • Looking Glass Into The Future

    To better understand the future of Google Glass, I recently interviewed Dave Lorenzini, a pioneer in geospatial and augmented reality industries. In 2000, he helped to start Keyhole.com, which was the first global 3D visualization system online. Today it is known as Google Earth and serves over a billion users worldwide. Now, as the founder of The Glassware Foundry, he helps companies create software for Smart Glasses such as Google Glass and prepare for “this revolutionary new way to look at the world.” Continue Reading

    May 19, 2014 • Digital Health, Emerging Media, Wearable Tech • Views: 3517

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  • LifeBand Touch Release Date

    This year at CES 2014, LG joined the wristband sensor craze with the launch of LifeBand Touch. LifeBand Touch is not only a smart watch but an activity tracker as well. It sports a sophisticated design that does it all. In addition, the corresponding Heart Rate Earphones measure your heartbeat, something lacking from other popular wrist trackers.
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    May 18, 2014 • Wearable Tech • Views: 2779

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  • “OK Glass” Now What?

    I recently joined the Google Glass Explorer Program. So far, I can look futuristic in them. That’s about it.

    Ha! Actually, I am trying to discover all of the benefits of using Google Glass. Right now, the things one can do are pretty mundane. Take a picture, take a video, Google something. But, there are are some other utilities that I am researching. I’ve side loaded a couple of apps. One shows you gas prices near you. One shows real estate prices when you look at a particular house. Nice parlor tricks, but how will Glass increase productivity in my day?
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    May 8, 2014 • Google GLASS, Integrated Marketing, Wearable Tech • Views: 2863

  • Sun Exposure Bling

    This week at CES, Netatmo launched their JUNE bracelet and corresponding app. To help prevent premature skin aging from damaging UV rays, this is your very own “personalized sun protection coach”. This stylish accessory comes in shiny silver or gold and measures sun exposure real-time. The app can then monitor and report overall sun exposure. Simple and unobtrusive, you feel good wearing this jewelry.

    January 9, 2014 • Wearable Tech • Views: 3078


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